All of your marketing tools connected within ONE seamless application

Amarki means Automated Marketing Intelligence. For you it means that the absolute best tools in the industry have been seamlessly integrated into ONE complete solution.  Thousands of possible integrations in 50 categories.  Amarki makes the connection and syncing of data and content completely effortless.

To create and distribute a complete marketing campaign we have taken the task from 30+ man hours and weeks for the creation of marketing collateral to ZERO man hours and under 5 mins of system time.


High quality products to your door in ONE day

Our nationwide fulfillment network consists of only the best manufactures where quality is the only thing they produce.  Everything from a business card to a billboard or even clothing and pins, we can produce anything you need at the highest quality, quickly and cost effectively.

Thousands of Integrations

mailchimp-100 photoshop illustrator indesign facebook-100 pinterest-100 linkedin-100 twitter-100 wordpress

Marketing assets, done right, and fast.

  • Print & Marketing Collateral
  • Social Marketing Assets
  • Email
  • Listing Websites
  • Agent Websites
  • Listing Presentations
  • CMA
  • Postal & EDDM
  • Content Syndication

Our solution was built to maximize your brand in all channels.

Clean & simple is the way we like it.

Our platform provides quick access to complex features in a very simple and automated design.

– Easy Management
– Instant Property Editing
– Property Management
MLS Integration 
– Fulfilment
– Social Media